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Brighton Mastering

What you get at Brighton Mastering:

  • A musical approach that appreciates the art of mastering as much as the science.
  • A personal service - you have direct contact with the engineer.
  • A no obligation, free tester track.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - you don't pay until you're happy.

Mastering is much more than just a technical process, and our work reflects that. Yes, it's about loudness. Yes it's about a cohesive, 'finished record' sound. And yes, it's about making sure it translates to any playback system. But it's also about achieving the sound you want.

Whether you're looking for a warm, characterful sound or a transparent, digitally precise rendering of your mix, we'll make sure we're using the right tools and techniques for the job.

We're putting the music back into mastering.

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Wildwood Kin - The Valley | ACOUSTIC

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Charles Dexter Ward - Forgot My Name | ROCK

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For The Love Of Pipes - Handkerchiefs | POP

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Final Form - Eye 2 Eye | INDIE

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Emeson - Lenton | HIP-HOP

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The Gravity Drive - Cherry Ripe (Elusive remix) | DANCE

Click here for before/after samples.

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